Ottawa Area Model Yacht Club

THE site for RC model sailboats in Ottawa

The OAMYC is a non profit club, dedicated to modelers in the Ottawa area.  We meet regularly at Andrew Hayden Park for recreational sailing and for racing r/c sailboats.

We are the only Ottawa club for RC sailing


Membership is free!

What we do... for fun!!!

Our racing classes:

As well as our main racing class (the Mini-12).  There are two emerging classes in the Ottawa area.  First is the S50, a new boat designed by Nigel Swettenham from the WISMC (sailing out of Pointe Claire).  There are currently 12 hulls, most in Montreal and a couple in Ottawa.  While this is not technically a class yet; it's well on it's way!

The other is the EC12.  The EC12 is a class well established across North America that has not been seen in Ottawa for several years.  The recent membership growth at OAMYC has spurred interest in the EC12 and S50.  It will be interesting to see these new larger models on the pond this summer.

The Mini-12 is a one-design displacement hull model sailing yacht. For those familiar with model yacht sailing, the Mini12 looks like a scaled down version of an East Coast 12 (EC12).

The M-12 is made of fiberglass, is 45 inches long, with a draft of 8 1/2", and has a minimum weight of 16 lbs. The single wooden mast carries two sails with a combined sail area of 592 sq. in. The boat is controlled through a 2 channel radio system. Effective remote control at distances of over 1000' is exercised through a transmitter, receiver, a servo that moves the rudder and a sail winch or sail arm servo.

Mini-12's are sailed for pleasure in many locations in central Canada. They are raced competitively in fleets located in Montreal, Ottawa, Belleville, and Toronto.  A unique feature of the M12 is the displacement hull form with a long keel and rudder tucked in behind the keel, allowing weeds to slide past the boat and not foul the keel or rudder, as is the case with designs that use fin and bulb keels and spade rudders. The Mini-12 is also relatively heavy and develops momentum which can carry her through marine growth. These characteristics make the Mini12 ideal for sailing in any area where weeds develop during the sailing season.


 Scale Sailing:

Many of our members  enjoy the building and sailing of scale model sailboats.

Building a replica of a sailing ship is certainly a labor of love.  It may take anywhere from months to years to complete such a model.

Builders take pride in ensuring every detail of the model is both identical to the original and true to a specific scale.  This in itself is often a giant undertaking.  Combine this with the knowledge and skill required to design and set up the control systems needed to sail the model - only those with tenacity and patience will succeed!

It is exciting and satisfying to see a model that has been in the works for a long time successfully sailing.